Mr. & Mrs. Smith Celebrate Halloween

This year I went as Mrs. Smith from the movie Mr. & Mrs. Smith. I suggest this costume for any couple for the next Halloweens as long as Brad and Angelina are still in the spot light. Let’s face it, that’s going to be a while. Everything you need for this costume is listed below.

Mrs. Smith Costume

Mrs. Smith

  • Long sleeve white dress shirt. Keep it wadded in the closet until time to wear. This will ensure plenty of wrinkles
  • Red Hunter Boots. This can be an expensive addition to the costume but go to eBay (my favorite shopping place). I found mine from Issay Outlet store.  These will usually run you over $100 if you purchase online directly from the source, Hunter. I saved more than half of the price at Issay Outlet store. The site warned that there would be scratches or blooms but they were perfect, brand new, in the box wellies.
  • Under-roos. I wasn’t going in my skivvies so I bought some dancewear shorts, also from eBay at Enhance Dance. These were great because I felt covered and didn’t have to worry about my bum showing… too much.

Mr. Smith Costume

Mr. Smith

  • White V-neck T-shirt.
  • White Boxer shorts. Calvin Klien has some very good boxers with a nice fit and perfect length. They look more like shorts for the man who feels less then comfortable in public wearing only underwear. I recommend pairing the boxers with extra undies underneath just to be sure nothing else pops out for the party (unless you’re going to that kind of party… tsk tsk).
  • Boots.  Keep them loose and unlaced but tuck in the laces so you don’t trip.
  • Hot guy. If you can find a dirty blonde blue eyed man with a Brad Pit-like physic, even better. If you have a significant other, it would probably be best to use him. I used the husband.


  • Guns. I suggest using the toy variety unless you’re living on the edge and willing to risk accidental shootings or being arrested.
  • I think it would also be funny if a couple switched it up by switching genders. Guy go as Mrs. Girl goes as Mr. That could be funny.

Overall, it was a great couple’s costume and we had fun.

Hope you had a fun and safe Halloween too and I’d love to hear how you celebrated or dressed up!!!



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3 Responses to Mr. & Mrs. Smith Celebrate Halloween

  1. Dave P. says:

    The resemblance is amazing :)

  2. Ashley L says:

    Love the idea! Really got the outfits down pat!

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